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Five Ways to Lose Weight and Love Your Food Without Dieting!

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The problem with most diets is that they aren’t sustainable. If you are dreaming of cream puffs when your carbohydrate restricted diet is over, guess what? You will eventually eat cream puffs and chances are you will berate yourself for it, and the cycle begins. Really, is quick weight loss really worth this kind of turmoil?

We think not. This is why we are so passionate about teaching people to eat healthy, anti-inflammatory food that tastes delicious—so that this way of eating becomes a lifestyle, not a diet. It makes taking care of yourself something you are excited about. Three cheers for that!

Here are 5 ways to lose weight and love your food without dieting:

~Focus on what you GET to eat instead of what you cannot eat: Add more healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables to your diet and fill up on those foods first. You shouldn’t have to give up anything to lose weight when the majority of your diet is healthy, unprocessed foods.  With no more off limit foods, you can begin to change the notion that foods are either Good or Bad, and in doing so, remove the idea that you have “broken your diet” when you eat an off-limit food.

And speaking of all the great stuff you get to eat:

~Plan your meals: Take 30-60 minutes each week and plan out your meals and snacks for the week. Think about it: if you had a plan for the week and there was healthy food waiting for you in the refrigerator, wouldn’t it be SO much easier to eat well and nourish yourself? A plan will make it easier to make healthy food decisions, and the more healthy decisions you make, the better you feel and the more empowered you are to keep making those healthy food decisions.

~Warm Your Kitchen: Does your kitchen feel like the heart of your home or the appendix? We truly believe that cooking at home is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your family. Cooking at home allows you to eat fresh, less processed foods, which in turn can help you lose weight and have more vitality. Cooking also allows you to feel more connected to your food, and in our experience, much more satisfied with the entire process of eating.

~Eat When You Are Hungry: Sounds simple, right? But how many times have you thought to yourself, just one more errand, meeting, phone call…then I will stop and eat?” When we repeatedly ignore our body’s signals we lose touch with our inner signs of hunger and fullness. We believe that eating when you are hungry is the best way to STOP eating when you are not hungry.

~Trust your Instinct: Traditional weight loss and dieting tend to be left-brained activities-this food has this many calories, grams of fat, etc. Add some right-brained intuition to the mix. Start by simply asking yourself, “how does this food make me feel when I eat it?” Generally, we want to feel good (right?) so you will find yourself naturally gravitating towards healthier foods because you are in tune with how they make you feel.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes to choose foods that your whole body wants, not just your taste buds.

How great would it feel to NEVER have to go on a diet again? Cleanse Organic is here to support you in losing weight without dieting and becoming your most vital, healthy and authentic self. Our 28-Day program makes it easy for you to eat healthy foods and feel great with day-by-day meal plans, delicious recipes and built-in support.

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