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Cleanse Organic for Weight Loss?

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Is Cleanse Organic a Weight Loss Program?

Short Answer: No.

Long answer:

Cleanse Organic is BETTER than a weight loss program. 

Chef Jenny and I have always been very careful NOT to call Cleanse Organic a ‘weight loss program’. Those three little words can cause a powerful emotional response and conjure up unhappy visions from the past - losing weight and gaining it right back; watching your food turn into points or calories that constantly need to be counted; eating food you don’t enjoy. Yuck, yuck, and yuck.

PLUS, weight loss programs focus on…weight loss. Cleanse Organic focuses on cleansing your body and moving towards optimal health.

For all those reasons (and so many more), we just can’t call Cleanse Organic a weight loss program, or even a ‘diet’.

But here’s the thing, people lose weight on our program. They can’t help it! They usually start off slow, sometimes losing inches, or most commonly 2-4 pounds in 28 days*, but over time, if they stick with the skills they learn, the weight comes off gradually (and safely) – and it stays off. Without pain and suffering! On the contrary, the program works by helping you reconnect with your body, learn how to cook delicious healthy food, and focus on your health, NOT your weight.

Cleanse Organic is BETTER than a weight loss program because:

We focus on intuitive eating and intuitive eating=long-term weight loss.

We don’t talk about portions, and we don’t count calories (they’re not even on the recipes, so don’t bother looking). We believe that when you begin to feed your body healthy delicious food, your body starts to respond by sending more direct messages. You begin to eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. You start to trust yourself again. You like yourself a little better. That feels good. Healthy food choices come easier. Each success begets another. Each setback becomes easier to move past. Maybe it sounds hokey, but IT WORKS.

We’re in it to win it. We teach you the skills to shop, cook, eat, and enjoy healthy delicious food – forever!

Weight loss programs don’t do this. They offer up shakes, prepared food, or a few mediocre recipes for baked chicken and citrus salad. Not us! This is all about long-term. If we want you to reach your optimal weight safely and slowly over time, and then keep it off, we have to help you change your lifestyle for good. And we do.

We provide support to help you succeed.

We include two hours of private phone coaching with a certified Cleanse Organic coach so that you can get the individualized support you need to tailor the program to your lifestyle and goals. When it comes to weight loss, many issues may come up, particularly around our relationship to food. Our coaches aren’t counselors, but they are great listeners and resourceful problem-solvers. Each coach has personally experienced the program and helped many others reach their goals.

We show you in undeniable terms how the food you eat makes you feel.

On countless occasions, we have seen people controlled by a particular food. Sugar. Bread. Coffee. The cycle of craving and bingeing can put your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride (not to mention your emotions) and lead to let’s-just-say-less-than-healthy food choices. Also, sometimes people have a food allergy or sensitivity that can affect digestive function and/or metabolism leading to or exacerbating weight management issues. Eliminating those foods for a prescribed amount of time can help you see the relationship between what you eat and how you feel more clearly, and in the case of severe cravings, it can help break that cycle. And we don’t simply tell you what NOT to eat. Cleanse Organic helps you focus on what to replace those foods with so that you can create new healthier habits.

We address the importance of detoxification during weight loss.

This is an ESSENTIAL part of any weight loss program and it is virtually non-existent in the industry. Toxins are stored in fat, so as soon as you start losing weight, you are liberating toxins into your bloodstream. This is why it is imperative that your liver has everything it needs to do its work AND that you are eliminating properly. The DeTox Formula and the protein powder we use in our program promote optimal liver function, and the probiotics and high fiber diet ensure proper elimination. We’ve got you covered.

We remind you to focus on optimal health, not weight loss.

You can lose weight without getting healthy, right? This is the norm when it comes to weight loss programs. But guess what? It’s really hard to get healthy and NOT lose weight when that’s what your body needs. Brilliant! We believe that getting healthy, feeling better, and living more happily and fully in our bodies creates exactly the circumstances in which losing weight happens naturally and effortlessly, often of it’s own accord. That’s why we designed our program, including over 100 of Chef Jenny’s delicious recipes, to help you reconnect with food and move towards optimal health. When the true goal is exceptional health, you can’t help but lose excess weight. We help you keep your eye on the prize.

*Many variables contribute to an individual’s ability to lose weight and as such, Cleanse Organic can’t guarantee weight loss results. If you hope to lose more than five pounds, you should expect to continue eating in a similar style for longer than the 28-Day program. Working with a healthcare practitioner trained in nutrition and weight loss is preferable when substantial weight loss is desired, as the program may need to be modified to meet your needs.

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