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I see myself in the mirror again.

After 7 surgeries and countless medications, Curt found that his chronic debilitating pain could be improved with simple dietary changes. Since doing the program, visible signs of inflammation in his neck, shoulders, arms, and face have decreased steadily.   More

I went down a pants size!

Nancy lost weight, slept better than ever, improved her energy, and saw her headaches and body aches disappear.  More

What a breakthrough we had.

The biggest change for Bruce was feeling empowered enough to be in control of his food choices.  More

I could ACTUALLY make a fist with my right hand!

Sally was able to overcome extreme limitations from years of arthritis.  More

What I eat as well as my relationship to what I eat are completely changed.

Seraphina can see skinny jeans in her future.  More

This 28 day cleanse has opened my eyes and changed my life.

Sue got rid of sugar cravings, improved her digestion, and now makes healthier food choices.  More

The biggest change for me has been my digestion.

Victoria saw improvements in chronic digestive issues, sleep, and skin.  More

My family enjoyed the dishes.

Bonnie discovered that nutritious food can be delicious…and had a life-changing experience in the process.  More

The food is definitely kid approved/friendly.

Ruth was actually surprised at how easy it was to give up the wine, sugar, and caffeine.   More

Easier than I had ever imagined.

Anne gave up her food (and drink) crutches, all without feeling deprived.  More

I’m much more aware of the messages my body gives me.

Diane felt completely supported and found the program to be much more than ‘just a cleanse’.  More

I can’t praise this program enough.

Rick drastically reduced his alcohol intake and finally improved his sleep.  More

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