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Program Overview
Program Overview
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Pre-Cleanse - 7 Days
The first seven days of the Cleanse Organic program do not have specific dietary guidelines. We recommend taking this time to prepare your kitchen and pantry, clear some extra time in your schedule to adjust to your new eating style, do some meal planning, and consider eliminating caffeine and/or sugar. You can also begin experimenting with our recipes, or even start your Cleanse Week 1 diet if you just can’t wait! Both the manual and the members’ online resource area give details about the Pre-Cleanse..

Cleansing Program - 21 Days
During the 21-day Cleanse, you will be eating an anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic diet. Since some of your usual protein sources will be eliminated, you will be supporting your diet with extra protein from a protein powder and other nutrients that are important to your body’s built-in detoxification pathways. Your medical-grade cleansing formula provides these nutrients, and is essential for optimal detoxification – it is NOT a laxative. It will minimize side effects and maximize the elimination of stored toxins. You will also be taking probiotics to enhance digestion and elimination. You are able to continue moderate exercise during the program, although training for events and/or changing your current regimen is not recommended without modification by your health coach. In addition, you may choose to do several traditional detoxification activities that are outlined in your manual. These include dry skin brushing, castor oil packs, steam baths, saunas, etc. Throughout the 21-day Cleanse, you will have the step-by-step support of your manual, access to your Cleanse Organic online community and resource area, and four 30-minute phone sessions with your certified Cleanse Organic coach.

Post-Cleanse Reintroduction Phase - Time is variable
This portion of the program is just as important as the previous 28 days! The length of this phase can vary as you reintroduce one food at a time to determine if any of the foods you eliminated were negatively impacting your health. This process is described in detail in your manual and in the Cleanse Organic online resource area. Your certified Cleanse Organic coach can also help you navigate this process.

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