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Program Overview
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Program Components - Self Care

The good news is that the decision to do this program is ALREADY an act of excellent self-care! Doing the things you love, getting adequate sleep, saying no to unnecessary social obligations, getting moderate regular exercise, and doing activities that support your health are all part of Cleanse Organic.  Each of these ideas is discussed in detail throughout your manual and in the Cleanse Organic online resource area, but here’s a taste:

Exercise, Stay Active, and Relax

During this program, we recommend that you do mild exercise daily and get adequate sleep. If possible, take a vacation from extra tasks and stresses. At the very least, do your best to take time each day for yourself to relax: breathe deeply, listen to a meditation tape or the music you love, relax in a hot bath, take a yoga class, or enjoy a walk in the park. Give your body and mind the break it needs to heal.

You should be able to continue your usual exercise routine. However, if you are increasing your exercise routine in preparation for a competitive event, you should discuss your training plans with your health coach during the first meeting so she can modify the program for you as necessary.

In general, if you find yourself overly tired one day, take a break. If you are feeling energetic, go for it! Your body will tell you what it needs. Most people find a detoxification program has lasting results and improves their stamina and endurance.

Nature Cure Activities

We recommend these centuries-old naturopathic treatments that promote cleansing, detoxification, and overall health.

Castor Oil Packs
This traditional detoxification technique improves elimination, stimulates movement of food through the intestines, and improves digestion by stimulating the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder secretions. It enhances lymphatic circulation, improving immune function and elimination. In other words, castor oil packs are very helpful for preventing constipation, gas, bloating, and diarrhea that may occur as your body adjusts to dietary changes. They also assist the body in eliminating the toxins released during a cleansing program. Your manual includes complete instructions for using castor oil packs.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy consists of alternating hot and cold applications to the body. During a cleansing program, hydrotherapy treatments help to enhance circulation, improve metabolism, promote elimination of toxins through the skin, and improve gastrointestinal function. Your manual includes complete instructions for constitutional hydrotherapy treatments.

Dry Skin Brushing
Your skin, aside from being an organ of detoxification, is also one of the largest organs in your body. Dry skin brushing can remove dead skin cells, cleanse the pores, improve circulation, and assist the body in toxin removal. Your manual includes complete instructions for dry skin brushing.

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